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• Open gaming Note that these analyses do not include Sci-Hub’s access logs for 2017 ( Tzovaras, 2018), which were released on January 18, 2018. Unfortunately, at that time we had already adopted a freeze on major new analyses. Nonetheless, we did a quick analysis to assess growth in Sci-Hub downloads over time that combined the 2015–2016 and 2017 access log data ( Figure 1—figure supplement 1). • Best Savings Accounts • KickassTorrents The project is supported by user donations. Imagine the world with free access to knowledge for everyone ‐ a world without any paywalls. Donate for this vision to become true. Make your contribution to the battle against copyright laws and information inequality. Even the smallest donation counts. • More Journal paywalls are an example of something that works in the reverse direction, making communication less open and efficient. Alexandra Elbakyan its ISBN or title. More info on Libgen and Sci-Hub can be found During our presentation at SSP (I was part of the panel, but did not address this part of the argument), Pitts et al. did discuss evidence for nefarious Sci-Hub behavior beyond copyright infringement, notably including circumvention of 2FA protocols and the planitng of malware. I know Pitts is traveling today and won’t in a position to respond to comments until tomorrow, but I’m hoping that he will be able to share further information about this.

hello Back to top Niclas Rudolfson is a research fellow at the department, and junior doctor and PhD candidate at Lund University, WHO Collaborating Center for Surgery and Public Health. Previously, he was a research associate at the PGSSC. A literature review must do these things Through Dynasty, Zimin supported another one of his organizations, the Liberal Mission Foundation (LMF). It was effectively a think tank that assisted education initiatives that taught modern political science from a liberal perspective in Russian schools — including Elbakyan’s. This is ostensibly what qualified as “political activity.” And though Zimin was a Russian national, he kept the money with which he supported Dynasty in foreign banks — making it fair game to be considered foreign funding. (In an interview with The New Yorker, Zimin said, “The Russian government also keeps its money abroad,” likely referencing the fact that the Kremlin holds billions in US bonds.) Together, Zimin’s “foreign” money and Dynasty’s relation to the LMF provided the excuse for the “foreign agent” label. • Arts & Photography • Paywalls keep publicly funded research out of the public's reach. • Monopolies of knowledge Library Genesis is a database of over 5 million (yes, million) free papers, articles, entire journals, and non-fiction books. They also have comics, fiction books, and books in many non-english languages. They are also known as LibGen or Genesis Library. Many of the papers on Library Genesis are the same as sci hub, but what sets them apart is that Library Genesis has books as well.

Charles Dickens 2. She shut down access to SC from Russia since she did not get an “Educator” price she was expecting to get. It was her offcial statement. SC is still available from Russia as everyone has VPN there. • Instructions for Authors • Cookie policy AND • Information Technology • International Journal of Molecular Genetics and Gene Therapy ( ISSN 2471-4968 ) • The stand-alone literature review Explanation [ edit ] We do have evidence of computers having to be wiped after attacks, not in the PDFs you download but are you really telling me they might not do this in future. Do you trust them 100% after seeing all this evidence? 2. No one but the founder is operating Sci-Hub. Atlases • Economics Part of a series on Academic/scholarly • Lawrence Lessig • 14 Academic skills The opposing gentleman claims Sci-Hub is theft. But PDFs, unlike physical items, can be copied without depleting the original. Therefore, Sci-Hub is unlike pilfering a pharmacy. With education or utilities, paywalls fund the creation of the commodity. But not so with scholarly communications where authors, reviewers, and editors create value without remuneration. Jacob G Levernier is in Library Technology Services and Strategic Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States Contribution Data curation, Software, Formal analysis, Validation, Investigation, Methodology, Writing—review and editing Competing interests No competing interests declared "This ORCID iD identifies the author of this article:" You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. — Alice Burton Malcolm X (dir. Spike Lee) adapted from The Autobiography of Malcolm X as told to Alex Haley

12PCbUDS4ho7vgSccmixKTHmq9qL2mdSns • Contents • (13) • nnawkwardredpandann 116 (1) The legal campaigns against Sci-Hub have made the site more well-known than most repositories, and Elbakyan more famous than legal Open Access champions The Rest of the Story by Sarah Dessen The Lancet In the first version of this study ( Himmelstein et al., 2017a), we mistakenly treated the log events as requests rather than downloads. Fortunately, Sci-Hub reviewed the preprint in a series of tweets, and pointed out the error, stating “in Sci-Hub access logs released previous year, all requests are resolved requests, i.e. user successfully downloaded PDF with that DOI … unresolved requests are not saved”. Interestingly however, 198,600 access events from the logs pointed to DOIs that were not in Sci-Hub’s subsequent DOI catalog. 99.1% of these events — corresponding to DOIs logged as accessed despite later being absent from Sci-Hub — were for book chapters. Upon further investigation, we identified several DOIs in this category that Sci-Hub redirected to LibGen book records as of September 2017. The LibGen landing pages were for the entire books, which contained the queried chapters, and were part of LibGen’s book (not scimag) collection. The explanation that Sci-Hub outsources some book access to LibGen (and logged such requests as accessed) is corroborated by Elbakyan’s statement that ( Elbakyan, 2017): “Currently, the Sci-Hub does not store books, for books users are redirected to LibGen, but not for research papers. In future, I also want to expand the Sci-Hub repository and add books too.” Nonetheless, Sci-Hub’s catalog contains 72.4% of the 510,760 distinct book chapters that were accessed according to the logs. Therefore, on a chapter-by-chapter basis, Sci-Hub does already possess many of the requested scholarly books available from LibGen. 2) To calculate coverage, DOIs from Crossref and Sci-Hub for over 56M records are compared. Please give details of the algorithm used to compare the DOIs. • Cabanac G. Bibliogifts in LibGen? A study of a text-sharing platform driven by biblioleaks and crowdsourcing. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. 2016; 67:874–884. doi: 10.1002/asi.23445. [ CrossRef] [ Google Scholar] • The TIME Vault • ExtraTorrent I had very much hoped for a less alarmist, and altogether more thoughtful and insightful discussion (with evidence) about how SciHub gets and uses credentials. • • ^ Peet, Lisa (25 August 2016). "Sci-Hub Controversy Triggers Publishers' Critique of Librarian". The Library Journal. Archived from the original on 13 October 2018 . Retrieved 12 December 2018. • Use dmy dates from October 2019 This gives you an option to set-up automatically recurrent payment by PayPal, which you can cancel at any time. • Finanza • Perfect Dark • June 2018 (63) Flora Casby • Mobile view Wikivoyage has a travel guide for Literature. When Elsevier’s first shot across Elbakyan’s bow splashed down, the publisher already had gotten serious about pressuring internet service providers and payment services to enforce privacy. But it wasn’t the first time the publisher had pulled these strong-arm tactics. In fact, Elsevier was leading the way among academic publishers. I wonder how newer articles at the SC will deal with the disruption of the traditionally exploitative (but oh so profitable) publishing industry, as it increasinlty comes under scrutiny and hopefully long overdue regulation. If you don’t believe me read this article at the guardian! Great Expectations • 6 Department of Applied Bioinformatics, Institute of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. The extension works automatically, and it appears every time you visit a paywalled research paper that’s present in Unpaywall’s open database. All you have to do is click the green Unpaywall button, and the paper will instantly appear. • • • - UpliftingNews Bookmarks's_'Arthashastra'_and_Modern_Economics • For all three collections, Sci-Hub's coverage was higher for closed and green articles than for hybrid or bronze articles. • Disk sharing Number of papers downloaded from Sci-Hub per capita by country (September 2015 to February 2016) [12] [3] View photo · Hindi Children's Books (5) • August 2008 “They just started launching just really personal and low bar attacks on me personally, calling me names, spreading false information about me, calling me crazy, etc.” So she threw them out. ► The EducationUSA Opportunity Funds program assists highly qualified students who are likely to be awarded full financial aid from U.S. colleges and universities, but lack the financial resources to cover the up-front costs to apply, such as testing, application fees, or airfare. • March 2012 Charles Dickens The government never cited these incidents as part of its reason for labeling Dynasty and the LMF as “foreign agents,” though Zimin’s past ventures do raise some suspicion about the Kremlin’s motives. Nevertheless, Zimin decided to shutter Dynasty, to get the LMF taken off the “foreign agent” list. Prepare your students for medical and lab tech careers with Carolina's wide range of equipment, kits and models. • Comparison of BitTorrent sites • November 2017 • ^ a b Nezami, S.R.A. (February 2012). "The use of figures of speech as a literary device—a specific mode of expression in English literature". Language in India. 12 (2): 659–. • Telemarketing and Unwanted Mail A common problem among all voice assistant services, though some are better than others, is how unnatural and robotic they sound. And the pronunciation of certain words, especially names, can be quite jarring. 12PCbUDS4ho7vgSccmixKTHmq9qL2mdSns Top Categories This is where experts from the lab's Magnet Science & Technology group make some of the world's largest and highest-powered superconducting magnets, including massive cable-in-conduit coils that are wound on a giant spool. She switched to a master’s program in religious studies, where her thesis led her to research how ancient societies treated information distribution. Both the revelations about the ancient societies and their attitudes toward ”information openness,” and the “feeling that [public administration] wasn’t quite the direction that I wanted to go” led her to double down on Sci-Hub. - 0 = This condition does not exist • XDCC Director of Library Services Sci-Hub is a torrent site that provides readers with access to scientific articles without subscription or payment. We updated our journal information to the October 2017 release of Scopus. In addition, we created patches to standardize publisher names in Scopus. As a result, many of the numbers reported in the manuscript have changed slightly. Thomas Munro assisted with the Scopus enhancements, as well as providing feedback in other areas, and has been added as an author. • C Tønsberg • • Call For Papers } else if (scl == 11) { // Snow / Ice • Forensics (2) In 2015, Elsevier sued the piracy site AvaxHome for $37.5 million. Then, the UK-based Publishing Association, of which Elsevier was a member, and the AAP, where Elsevier was joined by closely associated publisher, the American Chemical Society ( ACS), also successfully filed an injunction against a slew of ebook pirates — including AvaxHome, LibGen, Ebookee, Freebookspot, Freshwap, Bookfi, and Bookre — mandating that ISPs block customers’ access to them. Later, it also attempted to force Cloudflare, an internet security service, to turn over logs that would identify the operators of LibGen and Bookfi. • Disaster Financial Assistance with Food, Housing, and Bills Is Sci Hub blocked in France? Sale & Offers 2020 Diaries • Anonymous P2P Science & Health • ^ Black et al. The Literature of Ancient Sumer, xix Standard publishers, by contrast, generally charge much less if they require processing fees at all. In return, they find peer reviewers, check for plagiarism, edit, typeset, commonly add graphics, convert files into standard formats such as XML, and add metadata. They distribute print and digital copies of research. Their press departments, especially for more prestigious journals, are well-oiled machines. They churn out perspicuous press releases and help journalists get in touch with experts, enforcing embargo periods where media outlets can review research and formulate their coverage before it goes live — which creates incentives for publications like The Verge to cover more of their studies. • January 2020 Sci-Hub and Elbakyan were sued twice for copyright infringement in the United States in 2015 and 2017, and lost both cases, leading to loss of some of its Internet domain names. [6] The site has cycled through different domain names [a] since then. [2] When Offred finally sees a photograph of her child, she realises that her daughter will no longer recognise her – she is a lost mother too. Second Floor, Office # 02.01/07 Before Elbakyan was a pirate, she was an aspiring scientist with a knack for philosophizing and computer programming. “I started programming before even being in school,” Elbakyan says. Once enrolled, she developed a program that would ultimately serve as a precursor for Sci-Hub: a script that circumvented paywalls, using MIT’s subscription programs to download neuroscience books. “It wasn’t working exactly the same as Sci-Hub, but it was delivering the same result: going around paywalls and downloading those books.” She often shared these books with other users on a Russian biology forum she frequented,, which would prove to lay the groundwork for Sci-Hub’s debut. • June 2018 Se ti senti generoso, puoi anche donarmi solo 1€ o più se vuoi con PayPal e aiutarmi a continuare a pubblicare più contenuti come questo. Grazie! [3] • October 2019 • Affordable Rental Housing Business, Trade & Finance • Peroni S, Shotton D. 2016. Metadata for the OpenCitations Corpus. Figshare. [ CrossRef] It has been reported, fact, but Universities are struggling with all the hacks they face and are doing their best to try and keep their patrons credentials safe and secure. It is hard for them when they are facing hackers who force their way in or carry out spear fishing attacks or simply phish for credentials! We are talking about a very sophisticated system here with huge resources. We are trying to help them with the creation of a threat intelligence alerting system that can be used by libraries and publishers alike. This project was performed entirely in the open, via the GitHub repository greenelab/scihub. Several authors of this study became involved after we mentioned their usernames in GitHub discussions. This project’s fully transparent and online model enabled us to assemble an international team of individuals with complementary expertise and knowledge. • ^ a b Murphy, Kate (12 March 2016). "Should All Research Papers Be Free?". The New York Times. ISSN 0362-4331. Archived from the original on 31 October 2016 . Retrieved 23 August 2016. $10,000: Partner. Beyond the workshop/webinar, institutions at the Partner level of support have the opportunity to be represented on the SocArXiv Advisory Board, currently in formation, which we anticipate will have two online meetings per year, to evaluate progress and challenges, and to help set direction for governance and development. Dictionaries & Languages Outift your Biotechnology lab with Carolina Quality. A wide product selection—from gel chambers to power supplies, centrifuges and pipets. I did not say that Sci-Hub is used by • August 2011 • Genealogy • Friend-to-friend If you have an uncommon name and Google Assistant has trouble pronouncing it, there are two ways to fix how it addresses you. You can either give yourself a nickname or teach it the correct pronunciation. • • Zimin was likely interesting for other reasons, though. Not only did he attend 2012 anti-Putin protests in Moscow, he also supported a free press. In 2014, when Zimin’s cable company, Beeline, was forced by the government to drop Dozhd, the country’s only major liberal, independent TV news station, Zimin said, “I think that everyone understands that this is not Beeline’s decision.” Afterward, he went on to bankroll a number of independent news outlets. • Diversity In the United States and Europe, Sci-Hub users concentrate where academic researchers are working. Over the 6-month period, 74,000 download requests came from IP addresses in New York City, home to multiple universities and scientific institutions. There were 19,000 download requests from Columbus, a city with less than a tenth of New York’s population, and 68,000 from East Lansing, Michigan, which has less than a hundredth. These are the homes of Ohio State University and Michigan State University (MSU), respectively. • 5. Iron deficiency: new insights into diagnosis and treatment 2528 downloads A small number of Sci-Hub’s credentials are donated, but the vast majority are clearly phished or taken by dictionary attacks. This is a massive scale operation, as they’ve taken over 65 million articles. They’re not doing that with just a small number of credentials; they need thousands, and it is unreasonable to think that many have been donated. Of course, much popular art is religious. Warner Sallman's portrait of Christ may be the most popular and reproduced image in all of history, there is a flourishing market in “Christian fiction,” and angels are popular on television; even in the youth culture there is Christian rock and rap, and the extraordinarily popular Star Wars trilogy of films is deeply religious. Still, Eliot's point is important: popular art is immensely influential in uncritically shaping children's attitudes toward sexuality and violence and authority and a good deal else. Children need to learn to think in a critical and informed way about popular as well as “high” art and literature. On the whole, scientific publishing has become a market increasingly characterized by consolidation, soaring subscription fees, and rising profit margins. As a result, plenty of scientists, students, and journalists alike have come to see an empire of academic piracy as a necessity, raising the question: what value do publishers add to any given paper? Elbakyan has been coy about how the site is populated, stating only that it is via donated institutional logins. A September 2018 Scholarly Kitchen post about this was subject to ridicule by many on Twitter. There was scepticism of whether the “phishing attacks” Sci-Hub has allegedly carried out on publisher websites really occurred (the authors have all heard anecdotal evidence of these), the seriousness of donating access credentials, and the source of funding behind the site, the last of which we cannot comment on. Yet again, publishers and librarians found themselves strangely aligned. As copyright holders continue establishing even more precedents of compelling ISPs to enforce copyright disputes, other publishers may well follow suit. The Trump administration has expanded ISPs’ ability to surveil customers. Net neutrality, which prevented ISPs from biasing speed, connectivity, and access to some sites over others, has been revoked as well, which means ISPs may get much more discretion in how they enforce piracy. These policy changes place Sci-Hub on a more tenuous footing in the US. But if America’s access were further restricted, it would be a blow to the site, and to many of the “capitalists” that use it. ► We advocate for cancellation of intellectual property, or copyright laws, for scientific and educational resources. • October 2009 • • Disasters and Emergencies • Broadcatching Impact and ranking • ^ Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), OECD, reading literacy, science literacy and mathematics literacy all rank near the bottom of OECD-countries, To access metadata of the scene or to see which tiles are available, use the WFS request. Get started by checking out the WFS use examples. Source Data Using the WFS Request on S3 • Assemble small kits of materials. I purchased different colored baskets, one for each group, and often placed materials and/or chemicals in them. This made for easier and faster distribution. Additionally, it was simple to inventory all unused items left in the baskets at the end of class. Cloud • Monbukagakusho Scholarship oaDOI, short for open access DOI, is a service that determines whether a DOI is available gratis somewhere online ( Piwowar, 2016). oaDOI does not index articles posted to academic social networks or available from illicit repositories such as Sci-Hub ( Piwowar et al., 2018). Using the oaDOI infrastructure, the State of OA study investigated the availability of articles from three collections ( Piwowar et al., 2018). Each collection consists of a random sample of approximately 100,000 articles from a larger corpus. We describe the collections below and report the number of articles after intersection with our DOI catalog: • March 2011 • Anonymous P2P Sentinel Hub does not keep any copies of your own data. During the process of ingestion, we will read each file once to establish the index. Index will be stored on our side until you decide to remove the data from Sentinel Hub. Whenever a request will come, we will read the relevant parts of the file, in order to provide results, keeping it in the memory. Results are streamed to the user and memory contents are discarded. • Provenance—What are the author's credentials? Are the author's arguments supported by evidence (e.g. primary historical material, case studies, narratives, statistics, recent scientific findings)? To help you come up with an overall organizational framework for your review, consider the following scenario: • Find your Next Book! • Methods • Revolutions in computing Find out how scientists are exploiting digital technologies to understand online behaviour and drive research progress • Choosing a Journal • November 2009 2.7% • Appendix • Modern Language Association And if you need even more help keeping up with new book releases, check out this post with loads of Booktubers, podcasts, newsletters, and more to follow. Narrow the Topic • ? — Whatever It Takes(A Fighting to be Free novel) by Kirsty Moseley: GR | Other Books in Series — Sexy Romance — Standalone. "This book will follow Vincent "Dodger" Dunn. Set in the Fighting to be Free world, this is technically book 3, however it will be a complete standalone novel. Dodger, my cheeky bad boy, will take you one a whole new roller coaster journey of fast cars, criminals, honour amongst thieves, and of course, a hefty side of sizzling passion and romance." • Disclaimers docs The novel is gripping from the start. The character introductions and development is good. I didn't see any grammar or punctuation errors and the plot is progressing well. It is a good read overall but I think that the chapters should be more descriptive. • A two-part list of links to download the article, or parts of the article, in various formats. Downloads (link to download the article as PDF) • Patents The 2016 study titled “Who’s downloading pirated papers? Everyone” analyzed a dataset of Sci-Hub access logs ( Bohannon, 2016b). Alexandra Elbakyan worked with journalist John Bohannon to produce a dataset of Sci-Hub’s resolved requests from September 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016 ( Elbakyan and Bohannon, 2016). In November 2015, Sci-Hub’s domain name was suspended as the result of legal action by Elsevier ( Schiermeier, 2015; Van der Sar, 2015c). According to Bohannon, this resulted in “an 18-day gap in the data starting November 4, 2015 when the domain went down and the server logs were improperly configured.” We show this downtime in Figure 1. • Fantasy • S Brunak • Subscribe • Sci-Hub is poised to fundamentally disrupt scholarly publishing. The transition to gratis availability of scholarly articles is currently underway, and such a model may be inevitable in the long term ( Lewis, 2012; Sutton, 2011; Jha, 2012). However, we urge the community to take this opportunity to fully liberate scholarly articles, as well as explore more constructive business models for publishing ( Paul et al., 2017; Vogel, 2017; Logan, 2017). Only libre access, enabled by open licensing, allows building applications on top of scholarly literature without fear of legal consequences ( Himmelstein, 2016). For example, fulltext mining of scholarly literature is an area of great potential ( Westergaard et al., 2017), but is currently impractical due to the lack of a large-scale preprocessed corpus of articles. The barriers here are legal, not technological ( Brook et al., 2014; Van Noorden, 2012). In closing, were all articles libre, there would be no such thing as a “pirate website” for accessing scholarly literature. • Glossary of Research Terms • Perfect Dark • Joining Europe PMC • Bastian Greshake Tzovaras