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Ilość: szt. Major ISP Cox Begins Throttling Entire Neighborhoods for 'Excessive Usage' (21) Bram Stoker’s classic vampire story was very much of its time but still resonates more than a century later. FluentU brings English to life with real-world videos. • HDtracks Calender Chevron-right • Heartless (2014) • Sealing Film

El punto • “Mind implants” or how to expand consciousness using new technologies 2.7% Quantum dot sensitized solar cells (QDSSCs) exhibit many attractive features, including low production cost, high power conversion efficiency in theory and easy fabrication process, were considered as a good choice to be a substitute for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) [1, 2]. QDs are usually employed to construct n-type photoanodes where photocurrents owe to electrons injection into n-type semiconductor oxide [3, 4]. On the other hand, the possibility of using p-type photocathodes in solar cell was first reported in 1999 [5]. In addition, p-type photocathodes operate in an inverse mode, the holes are injected from a QDs into the valence band of the p-type semiconductor oxide when QDs are attached to hole acceptors [6, 7]. Nickel oxide (NiO) is attractive as electrode material in photovoltaic applications due to their good stability, a wide band gap and transparency [8, 9]. In the condition of solar cells, the major research of the p-type semiconductor materials that can be used as sensitized photocathodes is that they can be combined with n-type photoanodes in a tandem configuration. Such tandem solar cell, the maximum power conversion efficiency achievable increases from 30% for solar cell using a single junction to 42% when two semiconductors are employed [10]. Nevertheless, the photoelectron conversion efficiency of such tandem p-n solar cells have been • RoboCop (1987) • Languages In 2017, Russian and Mexican entomologists named a species of parasitoid wasp Idiogramma elbakyanae in reference to Sci-Hub's creator, Alexandra Elbakyan. The Russian and Mexican team said this was "in honour of Alexandra Elbakyan (Kazakhstan/Russia), creator of the web-site Sci-Hub, in recognition of her contribution to making scientific knowledge available for all researchers." [70] [71] Elbakyan was offended by the naming, and subsequently blocked access to Sci-Hub's services in the Russian Federation. [70] The Russian entomologist responsible for naming the wasp stated that he supports Sci-Hub, and that in any event, the naming was not an insult, in particular because parasitoids are closer to predators than to parasites. [72] SciHub Twin 1 • ^ Karaalioğlu, Türk Edebiyatı Tarihi, v.3, 216–218 SecureDrop is an open-source whistleblower submission system news organizations can install to safely and anonymously receive documents and tips from sources. • Deep web Видання • ^ Peet, Lisa (August 25, 2016). "Sci-Hub Controversy Triggers Publishers' Critique of Librarian". Library Journal. Archived from the original on January 11, 2017. Elbakyan, a software developer and neurotechnology researcher, created Sci-Hub originally out of frustration over lack of access to scholarly material in her native Kazakhstan. After studying neuroscience and transhumanism (a futurist movement positing that the human species can evolve through technology) at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, Elbakyan returned to Kazakhstan, where Internet access was limited, article purchase fees steep, and interlibrary loan periods long. She often located pirated journal articles through online content access communities, and helped procure them for her fellow students; eventually she decided to automate the process and launched Sci-Hub. • ^ "Make Eye Exams Part of the Back to School Routine". YouTube . Retrieved March 24, 2011. • Boiling • March 2015 (91) 82

A QTU member also belongs to the Australian Education Union, the second largest union in the country, influencing agendas on education and VET nationally. • stranger drowse El papel que juega Sci-Hub en el ámbito del acceso a la producción científica no es menor. En 2016 despachó alrededor de 75 millones de peticiones de descarga. Contra la percepción de que los usuarios de Sci-Hub provenientes de países pobres son los más proclives a utilizar la plataforma, un artículo periodístico de la revista Science reveló que, para sorpresa de muchos, Estados Unidos de América, después de Rusia, es el quinto país que presenta mayor actividad en Sci-Hub. La misma Elbakyan ha hecho transparente esta información al publicar una base de datos con los registros de descarga (server log). • ^ a b c d e Bohannon, John (28 April 2016). "The frustrated science student behind Sci-Hub". Science. 352 (6285): 511. Bibcode: 2016Sci...352..511B. doi: 10.1126/science.352.6285.511. PMID 27126021. Archived from the original on 27 October 2018 . Retrieved 27 October 2018. • Realistically, most students (and even academics) can't afford to purchase even half of the books that they might like or need to read. And I'm just talking first world - everyone else doesn't stand a chance. • ^ a b c d e Bohannon, John (28 April 2016). "The frustrated science student behind Sci-Hub". Science. 352 (6285): 511. Bibcode: 2016Sci...352..511B. doi: 10.1126/science.352.6285.511. PMID 27126021. Archived from the original on 27 October 2018 . Retrieved 27 October 2018. SecureDrop is software that anybody can install for their local news organization. It makes it easy to let informants securely drop leaked information into an electronic ‘dead mailbox,’ which journalists can later open. EDIT: To clarify, I think most publications would be fine under a fairly small contribution, I'm more curious about the very select, super expensive marquee journals. (Poem) Consolas, juegos, PC, PS4, Switch, Nintendo 3DS y Xbox... Поистерит, отойдёт и успокоится. С каждым бывает. Грустно, конечно, но не смертельно, анонимайзером пользуются итак все. • It stores papers in its own repository, and additionally the papers downloaded by SciHub are also stored in LibGen. • Reunion • Branch News Feed • Campaigns

• Condiciones de uso de cookies Variety Insights • Flipboard The English in this book: This book is a little more advanced in its writing style, but it should still be readable for high- intermediate level learners. Marsons is a British author, so some of the language and dialogue are specific to Britain (like calling people “guv”). This is a great book for learning “Britishisms”—ways of speaking that are specific to the UK. Romance • ↑ Sci-Hub: забастовка окончена, что дальше?. Дата обращения 3 ноября 2017. ( • Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata 96.6% • New Order foreign aid could rebuild it. With Tackling workload How to apply The Open Access Button works much like Unpaywall, with one major exception. When the Open Access Button discovers that an article isn’t freely available, it automatically sends a request to the authors to share it by putting it into a repository. • • [Biographical cuttings on Dudley Schubert, general secretary of the Victorian Teachers' Union, containing one or more cuttings from newspapers or journals] “Well, the way it works is – if you need stuff, and you genuinely believe that the stuff should be free anyhow, then you can just help yourself.” import logging • Home Egger M. Random selection for science funding: not such a crazy idea. 2018. Horizons • Mondo Releasing New A Clockwork Orange Poster Tomorrow تطبيقات Currently, this can potentially be blocked by a captcha if a certain • Consciousness and Cognition • 2 Sitio web • Linux • ^ Khomami, Nadia (28 May 2016). "All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals". The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077. Archived from the original on 11 March 2019 . Retrieved 10 March 2019. • Natasha Richardson as Kate Watched this yesterday and I find myself confused at the end, the story is about some people fighting to save the virtual world, but the message of the story is about how the virtual world makes you miss the real world. I find it hard to agree to the whole storyline, such a made up situation, not really invested with the backstory of oasis at all and yet we were force to follow along. The guy situation with his aunt and boyfriend is weird, no resolution from there too. It's a bad movie to watch because you don't find the story match the message it tried to leave behind. Using these manual access calls, we found PennText correctly classified access 88.2% [85.2%–90.8%] of the time (bracketed ranges refer to 95% confidence intervals calculated using Jeffreys interval for binomial proportions ( Rubin and Schenker, 1987)). PennText claimed to have access to 422 of the 500 articles [81.0%–87.4%]. When PennText asserted access, it was correct 94.8% [92.4%–96.6%] of the time. However, when PennText claimed no access, it was only correct for 41 of 78 articles [41.6%–63.4%]. This error rate arose because PennText was not only unaware of Penn’s access to 23 open articles, but also unaware of Penn’s subscription access to 14 articles. Despite these issues, PennText’s estimate of Penn’s access at 84.4% did not differ significantly from the manually evaluated estimate of 87.4% [84.3%–90.1%]. Nonetheless, we proceed by showing comparisons for both the 500 articles with manual access calls as well as the 290,120 articles with PennText calls. • In a post, she wrote: "W e shut down production of season four in order to preserve the health and safety of our cast and crew and join the world in an attempt to flatten the curve. Dark Recent Posts Andrew Pitts, CEO and co-founder of PSI, said that so far, few U.S. institutions have downloaded the block list. Pitts, who has been writing about Sci-Hub’s links to Russian military intelligence for several years, said he struggled to understand why universities are not taking more immediate steps to protect their networks. “This is a matter of urgency,” he said. Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Score) Dark web is a paradise for some but for most, just a money making platform. Not So cool. Part of a series on • ^ a b c d e f g h i Bohannon, John (28 April 2016). "Who's downloading pirated papers? Everyone". Science. 352 (6285): 508–512. doi: 10.1126/science.aaf5664. Episodes [ edit ] Related News • Geography & Travel • Czech 231 lb. (105kg) 16 April 2011 ; 9 years ago ( 2011-04-16) [1] • October 2007 • A group of Aunts, who may be Eyes • Why Sci-Hub is the true solution for Open Access: reply to criticism Free PMC article • 9 Video game Main FAQ Ideal for labs looking for a smaller solution but need to maximize bench space. All the capability of the benchtop MTX 150 in a floor-standing model with a very small footprint. T-865 Rotor, I’ve always contended that if one wanted to infiltrate academic and government institutions (including environmental, nuclear, electrical, and healthcare), then give away free access to scholarly material as a means to gain access to internal systems. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this has always seemed to be much more than a play at academia. It should be considered a national security threat by every government around the world. • NUT section • 5G • If you are a visitor, contact the website owner or try again later.• If you are the owner, check the logs for the application error. 177 Individual Achievement in Drama • Sao Tome and Principe • Daniele Bigi, Edmund Kolloen, Mathieu Vig and • Essential: Authenticate that you are logged into your user account Online enquiries Ann Mroz Entretenimiento Google Scholar operate: misusing authentication technology, using stolen user credentials and • Job Listings • • ^ "Dookie". . Retrieved 17 January 2014. • Open Architecture Network Clarke, Cath. “Meryl Streep on feminism, family, and playing Pankhurst in ‘Suffragette’.” Timeout London, Sept 28, 2015. • - TwoXChromosomes Main article: Melbourne Model V Nap El quehacer científico incluye la observación inicial, la revisión de bibliografía adecuada, el planteamiento de hipótesis y objetivos, el diseño, la ejecución, los análisis y las conclusiones, pero esto solo una parte de lo que hacemos. Para que este trabajo sea difundido, debe ser sometido al escrutinio de otros investigadores e investigadoras (revisión de pares o peer review) con experiencia en cada tema, quienes decidirán si el trabajo en cuestión es de la suficiente calidad para ser publicado. Si no lo consideran así, hay que seguir insistiendo y así se inicia un loop de comunicaciones entre la revista y los autores. La frustración es parte importante de este juego. Credit points А в качестве понимания, что именно тогда было — можете посмотреть, как один с гиктаймса вот там внизу с гордостью хвалится, что написал ей матом. Вот такие чудаки на букву М и неадекваты уровня комментаторов эха москвы пришли тогда туда. Затыкать личное мнение Александры. Warm -n- Wetta – "Fresh Aire"; artist name is a parody of Salt N Pepa This isn’t your topical feminist manifesto. Caitlin Moran is a powerful, compelling writer and doesn’t mince her words. This book is perfect if you want to learn slang, smash the patriarchy (as any good feminist would!) and laugh while you’re at it. 3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (by Stephen Chbosky) icon-copy icon-open stage-none icon-author icon-menu icon-close stage-finished icon-arrow-left stage-want icon-category stage-reading icon-views stage-want-add stage-recommended icon-search icon-social-linkedin icon-social-facebook icon-social-twitter icon-review icon-arrow-down icon-share icon-promo-audible icon-promo-kindle-unlimited Ready Player One is, for the lack of a better term, the sum total of the era we currently exist in and have grown up on. It is a masterful film, not only for those who are masters of pop culture but also for those who only skim the surface. This is Steven Spielberg at his greatest, most magical, uncompromising and most effective, barring none. lovescihub • Inicio • • ^ "UMSU Clubs". UMSU. University of Melbourne Student Union . Retrieved 7 May 2019. • December 2015 Pero ahora, como podemos ver en el mapa, los lugares del mundo que más descargan están en torno a lugares con Universidades potentes que, de hecho, están pagando las suscripciones. Pero Sci-hub es más sencillo, más completo y más rápido. Una combinación mortal. La reacción de la industria 1980s • Nigeria Finally, always use VPN, get it, install it and ensure it is installed correctly, then Tor or Firefox, avoid Chrome and Chrome base browsers. They are based on google code which I know collects information from users. Trust no company to keep any data for you or about you. If you want to go mad then use QubeOS, VPN, Tor, Firefox, use with USB boot drive and USB storage so there is absolutely nothing on the laptop that could be used to identify you. Keep USB safe and backups hidden, this is for advance users possibly login into remote stealth servers. Standard home users just need VPN and Firefox or possibly Tor if you want to use the Dark Web for legitimate reasons. • Hire Faculty & Staff • Online video platform – send an email to the authors of the manuscript and ask them to send you a copy; • 3.2 Filming locations Contents [ show] Reading novels are great, but let’s face it: they can be the hardest to understand, and are best for advanced English learners. The number of bitcoin donations to Sci-Hub is shown for each month from June 2015 to December 2017. Since February 2016, Sci-Hub has received over 25 donations per month. Each donation corresponds to an incoming transaction to a known Sci-Hub address. See Figure 10—figure supplement 1 for the amount donated each month, valued in BTC or USD. A: I think the larger picture of this study is that this is the beginning of the end for subscription scholarly publishing. I think it is at this point inevitable that the subscription model is going to fail and more open models will be necessitated. One motivation for doing the study is that I want to bring that eventuality into reality more quickly. Graduate research Training and PD • Niue What can they do with passwords? We tested this ourselves. For one user of a library in Michigan, whose credentials were published on an Iranian website, we were not only able to access content through her account but also her profile and her personal information. We were able to track her library usage, including titles requested and when they were available for collection. • Studia undergraduate HBO Max retira temporalmente ‘Lo que el viento se llevó’ y Netflix elimina 'Little Britain': cómo impactan los conflictos raciales en las parrillas • Crimea Variety Hardcore loyalists generally don’t have the best reputation when it comes to embracing change — especially when it comes to online discourse — but fans of Cline’s novel may well be pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoy the film’s willingness to diverge from the source material. The script takes Wade, his allies, and his enemies to some places in the pop-culture landscape that weren’t part of the original novel’s narrative, but these alterations end up making the story feel less homogenous in the end. • ^ Cf. "Harold Pinter's Lolita: 'My Sin, My Soul'", by Christopher C. Hudgins: "During our 1994 interview, Pinter told [Steven H.] Gale and me that he had learned his lesson after the revisions imposed on his script for The Handmaid's Tale, which he has decided not to publish. When his script for Remains of the Day was radically revised by the James Ivory– Ismail Merchant partnership, he refused to allow his name to be listed in the credits" (Gale, Films 125). January 12, 1996 Seis meses más tarde (junio de 2017) Elbakyan perdió el juicio contra Elsevier y fue condenada a pagar una multa de 15 millones de dólares en compensación a la infracción de derechos de autor. [10 ]​ Sin embargo, al estar fuera de la jurisdicción de Estados Unidos (nación donde se hizo el juicio), Elbakyan no ha sido perseguida en Rusia (lugar de residencia) para pagar esta multa e incluso se duda si alguna vez lo hará. [11 ]​ • Renewable Energy • • ^ Mitovich, Matt Webb (September 22, 2019). "Emmys 2019: Game of Thrones Ties Record and Leads TV Pack; Fleabag, Chernobyl and Mrs. Maisel Win Big". TVLine . Retrieved September 24, 2019. @scholarlykitchn is spotlighting research & researchers writing abt systemic racism. Today we feature an article fr @Gizmodo featuring @IBJIYONGI on #SHUTDOWNSTEM & #shutdownacademia day. • Ready Player One: Hra sa začína However, Kazaa's new owner, Sharman, was sued in Los Angeles by the major record labels and motion pictures studios and a class of music publishers. The other defendants in that case (Grokster and MusicCity, makers of the Morpheus file-sharing software) initially prevailed against the plaintiffs on summary judgment (Sharman joined the case too late to take advantage of that ruling). The summary judgment ruling was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, but was unanimously reversed by the US Supreme Court in a decision titled MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. [5] [6] RT @scihub_love The Guardian (2017) Can't find that paper you need? First, it leaves many works of art with unknowable meaning or even no meaning at all. Many works of art have unknown authors, and thus (on intentionalism) knowing their meaning would be impossible. What’s more, some authors have expressly said that their work has no meaning—but that doesn’t make it so. For example, about The Lord of the Rings J. R. R. Tolkien said: “As for ‘message,’ I have none really, if by that is meant the conscious purpose in writing The Lord of the Rings, of preaching, or of delivering myself of a vision of truth specially revealed to me! I was primarily writing an exciting story in an atmosphere and background such as I find personally attractive.” In other words: “Here's a story, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.” But that doesn’t mean that Lord of the Rings has no meaning. It contains clear morals about friendship and the conflict between good and evil, and also contains commentary on the European politics of its time. • Weekend Box Office • ^ "European countries demand that publicly funded research should be free to all". The Economist. 15 September 2018 . Retrieved 13 September 2018. Coches, competición, motos, vehículos eléctricos, híbridos... Best Special Visual Effects • Fitzroy Gardens the American colonizers and the • “The God of Small Things – though a fairly recent book – resonates very strongly with me. It explores caste, sexism, colonialism and the strange unspoken rules that tie Indian families together. Like in most great novels, the prose itself is stunning, with imagery fresh and original and at the same time, somehow familiar. I’m a girl from a South Indian village and I was raised by a single mother and my grandmother. Perhaps it is this coincidence that ties me so strongly to the book, to see in tangible words the burden that history passes along to Indian women.” Sita • eDonkey 1 • Read our full list of email providers en Vidaextra • Location Map • MJ Valladares-Garrido • Trinidad and Tobago Won • ^ Bedford, Karen Everhart (May 9, 1994). "Bill Nye the Science Guy to run on PBS simultaneously with commercial syndication". Current . Retrieved October 11, 2019. File sharing For researchers at institutions that cannot afford access to journals, he says, the publishers “need to make subscription or purchase more reasonable for them.” Richard Gedye, the director of outreach programs for STM, the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers, disputes this. Institutions in the developing world that take advantage of the publishing industry’s outreach programs “have the kind of breadth of access to peer-reviewed scientific research that is pretty much the equivalent of typical institutions in North America or Europe.” • Peer review Related News • trends Sign up here (it’s free!) • Annotations API • Highly collectable December Obituaries Theoretically, the answer depends on many factors, including your jurisdiction, your internet provider rules, and your University Honour code. Practically, the consequences are likely to be nil. • Josh Hamilton / Shari Lewis (1992) Simile